(Audiobook) When Teachers Face Themselves — 9780807715758

久住高原童心回帰農場 フォーラム お話フォーラム (Audiobook) When Teachers Face Themselves — 9780807715758

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      When Teachers Face Themselves
      by Arthur Thomas Jersild

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      • ISBN: 9780807715758 (0807715751)
      • Genres: education
      • Language: english
      • Author: Arthur Thomas Jersild
      • Release date: June 15, 1956
      • Publisher: Teachers College Press
      • Format: paperback

      About The Book

      This book is concerned with the strivings, satisfactions, hopes, and heartaches that pervade the teacher’s life and work. It deals with aspirations and struggles which large numbers of teachers have described and which all of us share. It searches into meanings we all seek to embrace. While it centers on teachers, most of what it contains applies to people in other walks of life. It has been written for teachers with the help of teachers. The research findings underlying it are noted mainly in the Appendix. The emphasis in the text is on what these findings mean from a personal point of view.

      This is a personal document, for the voices of those who helped prepare it speak through it. Many of them, in the course of the study, glowed with the dedication of their calling, bristled with anger, trembled with fear, wept as only troubled souls can weep. Many of them unveiled a little of the pride and shame and tenderness people usually keep concealed from one another, and they also voiced hopeful expectations of things to be. They spoke in the language through which people reveal their weaknesses. This is also the language of humility and courage and kindness, through which people reveal their strength.

      The author and his associates have also tried to speak with this voice, for the concerns expressed by the people in this study are our concerns. Many of them said they have been anxious — so have we. Many spoke of their loneliness — we, too, have tasted the loneliness that flows through so many of the tides of life. Many said they search for meaning — we, too, are involved in this search. Many expressed faith and hope; unless we shared this hope, there would be no point in undertaking a study such as this, and it would be foolish to remain in the teaching profession.


      FOREWORD Stephen M. Corey



      Background and Theme

      Major Concerns

      Underlying Sources



      Anxiety as an Essential Concept in Education

      The Nature and Some of the Conditions of Anxiety

      Some Theories of Anxiety

      Anxiety and Fear

      Perception, Feeling, and Impulse in Anxiety

      Anxiety in Childhood and Youth

      Teachers’ Reactions to the Personal Implications of Anxiety



      Conditions Contributing to Loneliness

      Loneliness and Self-Alienation



      The Search for Meaning

      Education and the Search for Meaning

      Helping Others through Facing Oneself

      Hopelessness and Despair

      The Paradox of Meaninglessness







      Externalized Hostility

      The Feeling of Being Abused

      Using the Arts of Love to Accomplish the Purposes of Hate

      Hostility in Education

      Attitudes toward Authority

      Hostility, Guilt, and Anxiety

      The Right to Be Angry



      Love of Self and Love for Others

      So Small in the Infinite Scheme of Things —

      — And Yet So Great


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