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      15 Things To Do On A First Date That Will Have Him Thinking Of You
      Dating can be hard, especially when you go on the initial date with a guy. There’s so much pressure. Will it be fun? Will you like him? Will he like you? What will happen next? There’s so many things
      15 Things To Do On A First Date That Will Have Him Thinking Of You. Dating can be hard, especially when you go on the initial date with a guy. There’s so much pressure. Will it be fun? Will you like him? Will he like you? What will happen next? There’s so many things going on in your head before you even meet up, and then once you do, the questions don’t stop – sometimes they even intensify. We know dating is no easy task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a complete bummer either. You want to stand out from the rest, right? Well, there are plenty of ways you can do that and go home feeling like you did the best you could. The first date is a big one. This is the time when you both are feeling each other out, deciding if you want to pursue onto the next round or not. If you’re concerned about what to do or say on the first date, here are some helpful hints that will have him thinking about you well after the day is over. 15 Be Confident. A confident woman is a sexy woman. So instead of putting your head down and being all bashful, let your true colors show. Embrace who you are and what you enjoy doing. Because if he doesn’t like it then you shouldn’t date him in the first place. Be the confident gal you know you can be. Ask him questions, talk to him like you’d speak to anyone else – he’s not much different than your sister’s kid brother, right? – and just be you. When a woman knows who she is and isn’t afraid to put it out there and what others might think of her, she is one to remember. And trust us, he will remember you for that. Well after the day, he’ll remember how you didn’t bash the other women in the restaurant because you aren’t that self-conscious, or how you playfully teased him for not knowing what “Making a Murderer” is. 14 Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for just about everything, right? When you laugh you’re in a good mood, and when you’re in a good mood, chances are the person with you is in a good one as well. Tell a silly joke or talk about something awkward but funny that has recently happened to you. The guy will get a kick out of you and your ability to laugh things off. It’s super attractive when a woman can do something and laugh at herself for it. If you want to make a lasting impression with this new guy, let out a few laughs every now and then. But don’t fake them. They need to be authentic – just like you. Laugh when appropriate, not when you think he wants you to. If he says something truly funny, awesome. Laugh it up. But if what he says is kind of lame or just strange, you better take a pass. 13 Don’t Be Too Needy. Sure, men like to feel needed when they are in a relationship, but they don’t want their women to be super needy. It’s not attractive for anyone. You come out looking ridiculous like you can’t live a normal life without the guy – and guess what, you totally can – and he just thinks you’re kind of crazy. On a first date, it’s best to be yourself and just relax. Don’t give him those googly eyes like you’re already in love. You don’t even know him yet. He doesn’t want to think you fall in love like this for every guy you meet. So instead, talk about what you like to do on your own. What hobbies you’re interested in, what volunteer work that is important to you. Show him you have a thriving life right now without him, and if he was in your life, he’d only be an added bonus. A nice added bonus, but just a bonus. 12 Be Carefree. A lot of times, women really put too much pressure on themselves and the guy when they go out on a date. They are constantly thinking, “What if?” What if he’s the one? What if he’s the guy I have been waiting for all my 26 years of life? Stop with the what ifs. A guy might not hear you asking these questions to yourself, but he can totally see you’re distracted in your own head. Not exactly a turn on. So instead, just be carefree. The next time you go on a first date, relax and take a breath. Who cares if this one doesn’t work out? Who cares if he’s not the one you’ve been dreaming about? At least now you know and can move on. Take some of the pressure off yourself and the guy, and you’ll be surprised at how much more fun you might have. 11 Get To Know Him. It is so important to get to know the guy you are on a date with. Like really get to know him. Not just the first layer, but the deeper ones. What makes him tick? What is he passionate about? What is he looking for in life? In his next relationship? Get to know him and don’t rush it. Men can be very skittish when it comes to dating. They right away think that the woman is looking for something more than just a cup of coffee – which you might be, but don’t let him know that just yet – and then they like to bolt. They want to feel you out first before they move onto the next level. They aren’t sure if you are someone they want to spend more time with you because they don’t know you. Let them get to know you and vice versa. 10 Talking About Your Active Agenda. A woman who has a lot going on is an attractive gal. Someone who fills her day with lots of activities makes not only for a good conversation but also a fun person. Think about the last time you went on a date and the guy literally did nothing with himself but go to work and play video games. How boring is that? So, don’t bore the guy you’re on a date with. Tell him about everything you have going on in your life. How you run every morning at 5 am, how you volunteer with the elderly after your 9-5, how you see your family every weekend for Sunday Supper. Tell him all the fun things you do with your life to show how much you enjoy every day and don’t take your time on earth for granted. It will also prove to him that you are very independent and have a life of your own, which means he can still have his life of his own even if you two start dating. 9 Pay Him A Compliment. You two might have a rough start in the beginning. A first date can be very nerve-racking after all. But you don’t have to give in and let that happen. Instead, break the ice with a nice compliment. Even the smallest of compliments can brighten someone’s day, so why not do that for your date? Tell him he looks good, or that you like the watch he is wearing. Anything to take away from the nervous tension you feel in the room. But be sincere about this. Don’t just compliment something random that you don’t care about, like his nasty sneakers that look like he’s been wearing since the 5th grade. Be open, honest, and speak your mind in a pleasant, sincere way. Once you give him a compliment, you’ll find him feeling more confident and flattered, leading to a better conversation without you both just looking off in opposite directions, afraid to make eye contact. 8 Give A Hint You Don’t Want The Night To End. Now, we don’t mean that you should give him a hint that you want the night to continue back at his place – or yours. That only applies if you are looking to hook up with someone. If that is the case, go for it. But since we are thinking this is a first date and you like the guy and want to see him again, you might want to steer clear from asking him over just yet. What we mean by showing him you do not want the date to end is by extending it another way. Ask if he wants another round of beer or if he wants to go check out this new music hall that opened up. Showing him that you are having fun and do not want the night to end yet, will boost his confidence and know you are really enjoying yourself while around him. 7 Talk About Something You Love Or Are Good At. When he asks you what do you like to do when you are not at work, tell him. It’s nice that he wants to know more about you so share this information with him. After all, the whole point of a first date is to learn more about the other person. Really tell him what makes you excited about life. Do you work with animals at the local shelter on your free time? Do you babysit your young cousin over the weekends because you love how she makes you feel like a kid again? Are you always caught with your head in a book at night? Whatever it is that makes you tick, talk about it. Show this guy that you have interests and that you take them seriously. And if it’s not a hobby, why not talk about something you’re really good at? Like break dancing or speaking another language. This will open up to plenty of other fun conversation and you appear open and honest, which is a very attractive trait in a mate. 6 Giving Him The Vibe He’s Not The Only Guy You Could Be Out With. Sure, you are having a great time and you really actually like this guy. However, don’t let him know he’s the only one you’re interested in hanging out with. No, you don’t have to talk about your active social calendar that full of Tinder dates, but you do want to come across as confident and busy. You want him to think that any other guy could be sitting in his spot at this very moment, but the fact that it’s him makes it all the better. You want him to know that since you’re so amazing, he’s lucky to be on this very date with you. He also doesn’t want to think you are too needy and need to be here right now with him because without him you have nobody. Yuck. That’s not attractive at all. So have him thinking you are Miss Popular – which duh, you are – and he’ll be thinking about you a lot after the first date – probably jumping the chance to schedule in another date sooner rather than later. 5 Don’t Hook Up With Him. If you want him to think about you after your first date, do not sleep with him. Don’t ask to see his place and don’t invite him to yours. There will be no hooking up here. If you want to see him again and possibly make this thing into a relationship, you will stay as far from his apartment as possible. Get to know each other on an emotional level first, before you even think about getting cozy physically. You want him to think that it takes some time to get with you – especially when it comes to a relationship – and that you’re not just doing it with everybody. Because no matter what people say, if a guy wants you as his girlfriend, he doesn’t not want you to be into hooking up on the first date. He wants you to be the girl he can take home to mom, not just the girl he can take home to his bed. 4 Limit Your Drinking. We know sometimes our nerves can cause us to drink more than usual. We totally understand that. And on a date when you are already so nervous and the drinks are pouring, it is hard not to go crazy. However, try to refrain from downing that third drink. You want to appear focused, confident, and not completely tanked. No guy wants to think you can’t handle your booze. And no guys wants to think about having you puke all over him. He wants a girl who knows her limits and is not afraid to pass on another glass of wine when needed. Save the getting sloshed nights when you are officially dating. Right now you are looking to keep your head clear. You do not want to say the wrong things or act like a complete loose canon. So be smart with your drinking and the date will go smoothly. 3 Eat Anything But A Salad. A man likes a woman who can eat. It’s super sexy when a girl doesn’t just order a salad. And we know you might like salad, and you might not want to feel bloated the next day, but we also know how much you love a good burger. And now the two of you are at one of the best burger joints in town. What to do? Order the damn burger and be done with it. You’ll fill your craving and he will be even more attracted to you. Besides, what’s one burger going to do? After this day, you’ll have plenty of time to go back to your regular diet of veggies and lean proteins. Right now, you’re enjoying the moment and want to eat what you want to eat. So do yourself a favor – and your date’s – and enjoy the food you like. He’ll like you even more for it. 2 Be Silly. If you’re having a really good time with this new guy and he’s feeling you, go all out and be your silly self. Don’t be too nervous to have some fun without worrying about whether he’s going to think of you less. He’s not. He will actually like how outgoing and fun you are. Chances are, he will probably still be thinking about that well after the date is over. And since you’re so cool and fun, it makes planning for the next day even easier. You’re a girl who down for everything, who wants to experience life to the fullest – with a smile on your face that is. Great. That’s an awesome trait. So go with it on this date. Laugh, have fun, and just be plain silly for a moment or two. It will help break any tension that’s still there, and will have your guy loving your company even more. 1 Tell Him You Had Fun. At the end of the night, tell your date how much fun you had. Linger around your car and tell him how you would love to do it again sometime or how you wish it did not have to end. Give him one last confidence boost at the end of the night so he will know you really did have fun and that you really do want him to call you again. Be sincere with your words and express your enthusiasm your way. Touch his arm to provide some instant contact and he will be sure to get the picture. He will be thinking of you the whole drive back to his apartment and well after, which means you will probably get a text from him that night, maybe even a follow up the next day. And pretty soon, the two of you will be planning your second date. Score. Rissa is a writer, beauty-lover, and dating guru – or so she tries. She’s always on the hunt for the best new thing to add in her beauty routine, while keeping her perfectly-lashed peepers on the look out for the next potential date to write about.

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